Comedy : M.c urchman jokes episode 6


Mc Ucheman Joke

Mc Urchemancomedy: Being hated is not something new to me. I once appeared on the list of noise makers when i was absent from school.

Mc Urchemancomedy: My ex works in a phαrmαcy, so whenever i wαnt tσ spoil her mood i will just go there and вuy condomѕ fσr no reαѕσn ѕσmetimeѕ i go 3 times α dαy😂😂😂😂

Mc Urchemancomedy: I attended a show and someone touched my shoulder and said “YOU WILL WALK”. I didn’t bother because I knew I was not lame. After the crusade, I touched my pocket and I couldn’t find my wallet which contained my transport fare“` !!!… Behold, *I WALKED🤣🤣🤣


Mc Urchemancomedy: During s** how do you know when your partner is satisfied???
As for me is when she faints😜🤣😅
I no come play

Mc Urchemancomedy: Nothing breaks my heart more with someone who talks alot and as mouth odour😜🤣😅
Na them get secret pass😜😅🤣

Mc Urchemancomedy: Some people childhood dream
I want to be a medical doctor when I grow up
Finally you end up selling weed😜🤣😅
All na medicine

Mc Urchemancomedy: Bae: I am pregnant
Boo: how much is the abortion
Bae: it 100k
Boo: no problem born am I go kill am myself😜😅🤣

Mc Urchemancomedy: Ladies Just 2weeks of dating you are already needing 5k urgently is that acceptance

Mc Urchemancomedy: If she says she’s not after your money my brother forget it she is after your life🤣😂🤣

Brother if after 45 minutes she does not cum tell her to put on her clothes and come and be going she will cum on the road 🤣😂😂
you cannot come and kill yourself🤣😂


Mc Urchemancomedy: U r a married woman.U c a young girl under d rain&u drive pass.Don’t worry, your husband is coming 2 pick her.🤣🤣🤣😅😅😂😂

Mc Urchemancomedy: Most ladies claim to love money more than sex but surprisingly the get pregnant instead of getting rich 😌

Mc Urchemancomedy: Teacher: urchman, finish the sentence: “Many are called but…”

Urchman: … but few have credit to call you back”😃😃


My brother if a woman commit suicide because of you, she truly loves you.
Marry her


Mc Urchemancomedy: Abeg if naked wire shock person
where the blood they go
Transformer , shrine or nepa office
Because am confused now😂