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COMEDY:Mc urchmancomedian- part 3



If you are single please be really single
Not that your private part will still be dating someone😅😂🤣 yeyeye who slap me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

A mother said to her son look at that kid over there he is not misbehaving as you use to do. son replied maybe he as a good parents then😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

What is all this no be Joseph born Jesus🤷‍♂
Igbo people which one is jesus nwa Amadi😅😂🤣 urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Please stop asking Muslims like us to do Christmas for you🤷‍♂
I just said I should make it public😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

No be everybody wa get big chest go gem house oh!
Some people dey carry people for mind😅😂🤣

*Some girls only know how to pose in pictures… But let them cook beans for u. Aaaaaah!* 🙄😳😳. *U will see all the stones David used on Goliath…*
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Please this girls using Snapchat to take pictures and still ugly🤨
What is your really aim in life😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345640

*They say milk gives strength then I drank 4 cups of milk and I couldn’t move a wall… but when I drank 4 bottles of beer 🍺 I saw the walls moving themselves😁*
*These scientists are bloody liars🤭🤭🤭*urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

To All This Ladies That Usually Wears Foam Bra To Attract Our Innocent Men, Please Lets Be Real In 2019…
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Now that shehu shagari is dead I had that garri will now be costly😅😂🤣 yeyeye who slap me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Since My Neighbour Saw Me Pressing My Laptop Every Night,She Stopped spreading Her Pants Outside😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

I almost gave up school when maths was a problem
Just then my teacher introduce further math😭
What kind of wickedness is this
Further which math😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

You ladies last year 31st night pastor told 2018 is your year of marriage how market😅😂🤣 oya get ready tomorrow is another 31st that pastor must be put to shame
I hate lie not from a pastor😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

“I have taken you as my brother”
That stupid statement should end in 2018. Am not your brother, I know my family members..😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

*If you’re always complaining about people being stingy maybe it’s time you stopped being a beggar.😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Fat girls are the most selfish people in the world, dey will sit down
with mini skirt and u will see nothing.. 🏃🏃🏃🏃😂😂
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

We should organize one day to walk Naked just to Remember Adam and Eve😂😅🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Apart from lizard and smokers which other creatures like uncompleted buildings😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

My dear friends and fans in the village I understand how difficult is it for you climb trees for network just to read my jokes
The Lord is your strength😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

2019 any girl that cheat on her boyfriend will not make heaven guys can I hear Amen😅
For the guys Lord forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing😅😂🤣
Ye who stone me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Ladies if he tells you he came from Malaysia
Tell him to resist the anthem😅
If he can’t forget him i don’t need nonsense this year😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

*You will be dating your bae nice nice then one fool will just come & give her a lift in a Range Rover Sport then she starts behaving like an Android Phone that needs Flashing.*
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Pastors please✋ this 2019 when God speaks to you, record him😅
…we need proof.😅😂🤣we don’t need it wasted like last year😂

Ladies dose your daddy knows you are calling his mate baby😂😅🤣
Who stone me now!!
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650


WAWU!!! Winner Of The Forth Coming BBNaija Season 4 To Get N60M Worth Of Prizes



Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. John Ugbe says winner of Season 4 will win a total of N60m in prizes at the end of the show scheduled to begin on June 30.

The breakdown of the prizes includes: a N30m cash prize; a top of the range SUV from Nigerian automaker, Innoson Motors; a trip to Dubai for two packaged by TravelBeta; a home make-over courtesy Scanfrost; a year’s supply of Pepsi and One Africa Fest VVIP experience; a year’s supply of Indomie noodles & Munch it; and a brand new Oppo mobile smartphone. There’s also a bonus prize of two VIP Tickets to watch a European Football final game LIVE, courtesy BET9ja.

“Each edition of Big Brother Naija significantly improves on all aspects of the previous season and this year is no different. The winner of season four will walk away from the house with a N30m cash prize and a top of the range SUV amongst many other exciting prizes.

“The Big Brother Naija winner will also emerge as the most popular and marketable personality on the continent, as the show is known to launch prominent careers in arts, entertainment and other supporting industries,”

Ugbe revealed.

This season’s grand prize is an increase from the previous edition, which saw Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe walking away with N45m worth of prizes.

Another major development for this year’s edition of Big Brother Naija is the return of the House to Nigeria. While the location of the house has not been revealed, fans of the show have nonetheless been excited since the announcement was made earlier this year.

Season 4 of Big Brother Naija returns to DStv and GOtv screens on Sunday, June 30 at 7pm WAT. The 24-hour show will be live on DStv channel 198 and GOtv 29 and available on all DStv packages and GOtv Max and Plus packages.

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