Joke:mc Urchman-part 4 – Sweetloaded
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*Don’t date a big dick guy for a long time, if he doesn’t show signs of taking your relationship to marriage within 2 weeks leave him…… the idiot may widen it beyond repair and run🤣🤣🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Guys if only your mother knows what you have used your mouth to suck you will never use her spoon to eat again😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Don’t be a boring girlfriend sometimes you just cry and tell him how much you miss your ex😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

No I can’t marry a girl with small breast what if I finish the milk in it before my babies arrive what will I tell them😅😂🤣
Sense will not kill me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

My relationship is working fine and am thinking of opening two other branches in Mexico and Canada😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

You claim you did mathematics and further maths
Oya answer this question that line that divides the buttocks is called what🤣😅😂
Sence will not kill me
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Imagine taking a village girl to the hotel and walking up the next morning to see her sweeping the whole compound😅🤣😂
If I mention tribe they will say I hate ibadan people😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Continue studying oral English till you start pronouncing “GOD” As ” GUARD”
he will just direct your prayers to the security men😅🤣😂
Sense wout kill me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

When money is involved Nigerian girls will be like I love his mouth odour it matured😅🤣😂
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Am not saying dating a Yoruba girl is risky
But what if pepper enter your heart😅🤣😂
Sense will not kill me
Urchmancomedian😅🤣🤣 07067345650

Harder !! harder!!! baby faster!! faster!!! baby do it fast then you guys break up
He used me???
Who used who🤣😅😂
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

If you know you cheated on your partner 2018 without been caught
The Thanksgiving services is this Sunday🤣😅😂
Don’t let me mention names oh
Urchmancomedian🤣😅😂 07067345650

Finally!!! Yoruba people have added pepper inside popcorn🙆‍♂
Innocent popcorn🤣😅😂
Urchmancomedian🤣😅😂 07067345650

The bleaching award goes to which state in Nigeria🤔
Who said Yoruba here now🤣😅😂
Jesu!! Pepper have enter my eyes😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂🤣😅 07067345650

S*x is the only thing our parents didn’t teach us but thank God look at us now
We are professionals😅🤣😂
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Never provoke short people they can easily pick stone😅😂🤣 urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650
The Keke I entered today jammed a Benz 2018 model the damages were really bad 🤷‍♂now the Keke driver is seated at the back of the Keke claming to be PASSENGER😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

People who convert their old stew to jollof rice hardly let go of the past😅😂🤣
Am I communicating
Urchmancomedian🤣😂😅 07067345650

Girls are like mangoes, while some are busy waiting for them to ripe, others are eating them with salt😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

When she start to draw something you can’t see on your chest,my brother clean it oh,she is about to ask for money😅😂🤣
Sense will not kill me
Urchmancomedian🤣😂😅 07067345650

After bleaching your skin you are in church singing I know who I am
My dear who are you😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

My granny is going to the kitchen to hide the bread our visitor bought
Am also going to hide her artificial teeth😅 no one is eating here today😂🤣😅
Urchmancomedian😂🤣😅 07067345650

This Valentine am planning on a big surprise for my girlfriend🤔
I will just break with her on the 13th night😅😂🤣
I can’t come and kill myself
Yeyeye Who slap me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

You can’t be born on February and be normal
That Month is not complete😂🤣😅
This is not my hand writing oh🤣
Happy New month
Urchmancomedian🤣😂😅 07067345650

If not eba that spoilt my voice who is Beyonce to compete with me🤣😅😂
Urchmancomedian🤣😅😂 07067345650

My sister ugly is ugly which one is if I Baff,dress and make up you know go know me again😅🤣😂
My sister face your calling 😅😂
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

A girl that jumps from one guy to another is called
Bouncing baby girl😅😂🤣
Sense will not kill me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345640

Valentine Valentine everywhere
Please Valentine is for tall people short people should wait for children day😅🤣😂
Who stone me
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

I seriously need to stop listening to people’s conversation in the taxi
I nearly follow someone home just to hear the rest of the story😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂😂 07067345650

Dear guys your girl deserve nothing than the best
So give her my number😂😅🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Please if you know you have evil Sprite don’t seat close to me in church oh!🤨
Because if you fall under the annoiting and break my phone I will fall under the annoiting and collect my money😂😅😅
I hate rubbish oh😅
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

When a fat girl remove’s her bra you will think it the WWE belt or parachute😅😂🤣
Yeyeye Who slap me now
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

Ladies just imagine the owner of Facebook and Instagram just decided to delete the APP boom😅
Your fake life is over😅😂🤣
Come and beat me am in my house😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

When you marry a bad wife the devil leaves you because he knows you two are already mate😂😅🤣
Sense won’t kill me
Urchmancomedian😂😅🤣 07067345650

When the devil fails to destroy you he sent you a short girlfriend from Anambra state😅😂🤣
Jesu! Who stone me

Just imagine the world without women
Who is going to be lien to us😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650
Anambra people is not empty hen is MTN
Is not high neck is INEC😂😅🤣
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

I don’t like the way my pastor always look at me anytime he is preachng about fornication 😅😂🤣
Urchmancomedian😅😂🤣 07067345650

Men learnt sucking breast from birth
Bikoun woman where did you learn suck dick from😅🤣😂
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Real men are fair in complexion the dark ones are agent of darkness😅😂🤣
Who stone me😂
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650

Only stingy girls will be on there period on Valentine’s day😅😂🤣
Sense wouldn’t kill me
Guys am I communicating
Urchmancomedian😅🤣😂 07067345650


Atiku Raises Loud Alarm On Prevalence Of Poverty In Nigeria



The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the February 2019 election, Atiku Abubakar, on Saturday said the recent report by the United Nations Development Programme, published on July 11, which said that over 98 million Nigerians were living in multi-dimensional poverty, was frightening.

He said the report indicated that poverty had become the fastest growing venture in Nigeria over the last four years.

The former Vice President, in a statement by his media adviser, Paul Ibe, said there was an urgent and compelling need for institutions of the Nigerian state to understand that it was an appalling dereliction of duty to stand idly by and allow misery multiply in the populace.

According to him, this was no longer a grassroots problem.

“The failure of our economy over the last four years affects everyone from top to bottom. Four years ago, Aliko Dangote, Nigeria’s richest man, was worth $25bn. However, his net worth in 2019 is less than half that. He joined thousands of industrialists whose wealth and their ability to produce, had eroded in recent years, and continue to do so.
“With the National Bureau of Statistics reporting a net job loss of over six million since 2015, we see that if industrialists have their wealth eroding, it affects their ability to create opportunities, which means that the trickle-down effect gradually dries.”
Atiku stated that the greatest national security threat Nigeria faced in 2019 was not Boko Haram/ISWAP or bandits but the ‘creation of the largest wave of poverty in human history in the country.’
He warned that the world was noticing, hence Foreign Direct Investment was shifting from Nigeria to Ghana, making Ghana the top recipient of FDI in West Africa in the last year.

He said, “And in the wake of this report by the UNDP, we are greeted with nonchalance by those who led us into this crisis. It is as though they think that as long as they and their families are not amongst those 98 million extremely poor Nigerians, things can carry on as before.

“But that cannot be allowed to be the case. Those who have the ability, including the Council of State, all former leaders, elder-statesmen, and especially the other arms of government, must begin to collaborate for solutions before the number increases from 98 million to all 198 million Nigerians.

“We must remember that we are stakeholders in the Nigerian project; stakeholders who must speak up for those 98 million people who are losing their voices to poverty.”

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