“Shopping for Premium Drinks Do not Make You Premium”


"Shopping for Premium Drinks Do not Make You Premium"

Socialite, Fairly Mike of Lagos has revealed to premium drink patrons that purchasing premium drinks doesn’t make them premium.

Fairly Mike would really like Lagos Massive boys to know that premium drinks alone cant make them premium. There are a selection of different bins one should tick to really make them premium.

Lots of people spend a lot cash on shopping for costly drinks, empty their accounts with nothing to return house to. Nicely, Fairly Mike is out right here letting them know that they is a really lengthy approach to premium itself.

In his phrases, As a result of u r shopping for premium drinks, doesn’t make u premium earlier than u can play in da premium League, u will need to have made premium cash, again to again, you’ve got spent on premium drinks, drive premium vehicles, premium cribs, and furnishings.

You need to fly premium, and most significantly you will need to have been fucking premium pussy on a daily, you will need to wine and dine premium, Observe, i;m including this right here twice. Bitch you will need to scent PREMIUM. #DirtyBoys.

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